Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things that Happened in Sharm

Since I've last posted, many things have happened:

I spent an approximate total of 24 hours on a bus...probably more.
I hiked (the supposed) Mt. Sinai and watched the sun set.
I ate a twix bar that my friends bought for me and it was tasty.
I saw (the supposed) burning bush and was underwhelmed.
I was proposed to thrice by men of various shape and size. One of them was actually really sweet. I declined nonetheless.
I lied about being married once. I was conviniently wearing a ring on the (in)appropriate finger.
I snorkeled in Ras Muhammad National Park which made me want to become a professional snorkler. Or just get a scuba diving license and spend the rest of my life in the blue blue waters of the world.
I took an underwater video of a spotted something something stingray. Cool.
I backflopped off of the 4th story of a yaCHt. Please, pronounce the "CH". That's how they do it in Arabic. It's important.
I dove off of the third story railing of that self-same yaCHt approximately 4,509 times and enjoyed every single one more than the last.
I got woken up at 4 in the morning but have no recollection of said event.
I swam in the Gulf of Aqaba with fishes who swarm when you throw bread crumbs. Try it. Kinda frightening, but kinda fabultastic.
I listened to my first rock opera in full. It took 2 1/2 hours. I feel educated.
I found more Nutter Butters with an OU. I am saving them for a rainy (?!) day.

Song for today: Originally by Doris Day with a very famous cover by Cake. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps I will someday have time to post about all of these things in more detail.

***Oh and the dates have been set! I will be in Israel from Aug. 3rd (I will probably arrive in the late evening) until Aug. 9th when I fly from Tel Aviv to Amman to Cairo to Washington D.C. to Atlanta to Seattle. ; )


  1. wow. sounds amazing. can't wait to see you! and to go to alex myself!!!

  2. backflopped? sounds painful. Love the Cake cover...