Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hello World,

I'm escaping. Yes. Leaving. Running. Flying. I'm going to soon be departing on an adventure that I will probably never be able to repeat -- on many levels. I will discover things about you, world, as well as about me, and our relationship. I have invited you to come with me. At least virtually. Read my blog, comment, if I pose questions, answer them with your thoughts. Lets be in touch, world.

In the immortal words of pop sensation Robbie Williams, "Come on and hold my hand, I want to contact them living; not sure I understand this road I've been given..."

Which brings me to another point. I want this blog to not only be your connection to me and my travels, but to me and who I really am. So I will (when I remember and have time) recommend music - a song - at the end of each blog. If you don't want to know just stop reading before the last paragraph, and you can avoid it completely. In part, this is for my sisters, and in part to keep me musically sane as well as savvy. Great. So, as you have seen, today's song is "Feel" on the album Escapology by Robbie Williams. Enjoy.

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