Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer in Seattle

So my last three weeks in Seattle have been my SUMMER. Or they have been my idealized version of what summer should be. Life is easy ("Summertiiiiime...." you know the song, and now its stuck in your head) in this lushly organic, gloriously scenic, bike-filled, vitamin-pampered town. The fact that it's been so easy has been the reason I haven't been posting, because I figured there is really nothing to be said until I hit the hard packed desert sands of Kahire (Cairo) and Alexandriyya (I think you figured that one out).

But the truth is, its been a whirlwind.
[Wait, that sounded so cliche. Let me try again.]
Its been a cyclonic, headlong, furious bout of tremendous majesty and wonder.
[Much better]
And there is what to say.
I've been coffee-shop hopping, watching SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) movies, going to streat fairs and Folklife (a music and arts festival in Seattle Center), biking, swimming, running, doing to physical therapy so that I can do all of those things some more, and I even waterskied for the first time this season yesterday. Lake Washington was COLD, but the mountain was out, and the water by the bridge was glass. I can compare the feeling to nothing but flying. I'm incredibly sore, but incredibly elated. Oh, and I've been packing. Which is no small task considering I'm trying to fit 2+ months worth of stuff into one 80-liter tik gadol. To give you some idea, its a bag of similar breadth and width to this, though mine is cooler (obviously), Israeli, and and purple. I'm also taking a bag that whose kosher contents will eventually be consumed while in Egypt (Cliff Bars, Trader Joe's trail mix, etc.) that I will carry on for the journey there, and will pack for the way back.
But, of course, the best part of being home for these three weeks has been spending time with my family (shout out: Estah Gowdbuwg!...and Grandma, if she's reading) and friends (shout out: Diana Azose!) and sort of recouping mentally (if that's even possible) before going off on, what appears to many, an absurd adventure, and to me, a venture into the absurd.

The song I want to include this time is a tribute to summer and Seattle. It's a beautiful song by a band that, as many of you are almost painfully aware, I adore. Its Death Cab for Cutie's song "Summer Skin" off of their newest album, Plans. Oh, and for those of you who were not aware, DCFC is from the food 'ol WA.

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