Thursday, May 14, 2009


So it was raining today. Seattle rain. Soft, comfortable, could-possibly-wear-sandals-if-I-really-wanted-to rain. The kind of rain that doesn't exist (so far as my experience has shown me) on the East coast. I'm gonna miss that Seattle rain when I'm away. And the lake. And the loop. And the coffee. And driving alone. And the second-hand clothing stores. And the greenery (I was going to use the adjective "verdant" but I don't think you can turn it into a noun...). And my family and friends of course...Anyway, this blog was intended as a glorification of Seattle, but you've all heard that from me a million times before so I'll talk about something else. Perhaps about how I BOUGHT MY TICKET TO (and FROM) MOROCCO YESTERDAY! On the way back I'll (hopefully) be in Israel for 2 weeks, Europe for 2 weeks, and Philly for almost 1. So my purchase makes it official. I'm on my way. Oooo dear.

Picture yourself inside of a car, its raining, and its just you and the lake. You're listening to this song. I'm the first to admit that the video is a bit weird.

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  1. No travel blog is complete without pictures!