Monday, August 24, 2009


This one's for Roxana (!). It's a picture of me with the baby stork that I thought about putting up yesterday, but refrained from because I look more hilarious than the baby stork. But, with Roxy's prompting, here it is, proudly displayed for all to see:

And this one's from tonight's Iftar. Did I mention that there are 27 girls and 3 boys on this program. It was the boy on the left's 21st birthday tonight, ironically placed in the middle of Ramadan:

Too zonked to write more. I'll just write one glimpse of the souk here in Rabat.

The souks all over Morocco are supposed to be fantastic, especially those in Fes and Marakesh. But all I've ever seen are those in Egypt (and Israel and the West Bank) I didn't know what to expect. Lets leave at this: I was blown away. The colors ranged from burly brown to ostentatious orange, baby blue to nautical navy, precious pink to rich red. The smells ranged from rancid meat -- I saw more goat heads, feet, and strung up bodies than I ever wanted to in my life -- to spices I never imagined that come in all shades of green and red. I could go on, and eventually will, but for now, I'm going to see if I can get my act together enough to write in my journal and figure out how I can co-ordinate people to go jogging tomorrow, but I wonder if I can summon enough courage, even with a bunch of girls in thi semi-suburban area (Agdal) to go when no one's around in the early Ramadan morn. Song of the moment: Stevie Wonder's "Have a Talk With God". It's Ramadan AND Elul, folks.

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  1. ew dead goats. go vegetarians.
    and you're so brave to go jogging in Morocco. be careful!