Saturday, August 8, 2009

PAUSE: Insert Israel

So while I am aware that I need to insert legs 4 and 5 to complete the story of my Exodus, I would like to relate a few moments of my stay in Jerusalem this past week. I leave tomorrow, so I figure, here's my opportunity. Here is a list, entitled: Why I Enjoyed/Got A Lot Out Of My Time In Israel. Enjoy.

Why I Enjoyed/Got A Lot Out Of My Time In Israel:

1) There was lots of FOOD. I think I ate most of it. And it was all Kosher L'Mehadrin.
2) Bronfman paid for my first night of entertainment (and food) at Chutzot HaYotzer where I bought pretty things and heard Ivri Leider in concert (you only heard him on youtube, sorry)
3) I got to go to the Jerusalem Wine Tasting Festival at the Jerusalem Museum with a bunch of my friends from Penn who I won't be seeing for some time. Obviously ran into some people from my youth group and high school days, as well as old friends from Seattle. Obviously had a little bit too much to taste. Obviously had a wonderful time.
4) I went to Ramallah and saw a refugee camp for the first time. Really interesting to be exposed to that immediately after Egypt. Ramallah is cleaner (the garbage dust is finer in Ramallah), smaller (27,000 people vs. 7 million in Alex), and more messed up (they speak a weird Semitic language dubbed "HebrAic" that will probably remain unrecognized by the international community for years to come).
5) I went to a 40th-anniversary revival of Woodstock and was pursued by some sweet hippies from Bat Ayin who were trying to recruit my friends and I to the "Acharit HaYamim" (End of Days) Festival that was taking place the next down down in the West Bank.
6) I got to take a hike in the environs of Hadassah Ein Karem with my friend {shout out: SHIRA!} and her new hubby. And I got to see their house. And be introduced to Mivtza Safta. Rockin'.
7) I had my first Shabbat dinner at a friend's {shout out: RACHEL!} sister's {shout out: NOA!} Bat Mitzvah. Lovely davening, lovely food, (lovely dessert), lovely view, lovely company.
8) Had Shabbat lunch at my home-away-from home with real home-cookin' and learned that cheese, figs and balsamic vinegar are a wonderful combination.

Lots more but must fly. Watched Australia tonight. In its spirit, I present you with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. Its my favorite version.


  1. YES! love it. love you. miss you.

  2. i'm in the blog!! yeah!!! wonderful to see you... waiting for next time around...