Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Marriage! (prounced: "Mariyaaj")

We got a talk today from Jakob over our breakfast meal-- actually one of the better, more than 3½-word conversations we’ve had -- about how our biological clocks are ticking. He mentioned that Baria got married at 19, and had 7 kids, Baria’s sister has 8 kids (he said 10, Baria corrected him) and that his own sister got married at 16 and had between 11 and 13 kids (I’m fuzzy on the French details). His last two sons are getting married very soon (we’re going to one of the weddings as I may have mentioned, in November -- in Paris!) Oh, and the kicker: His youngest, 19-year-old daughter whom we've met named Miryam, is engaged to a guy not only she but the entire family’s never met. They have just a picture know a few facts about him: He is 23. He has a big beard. He works with electronics. He wears black and white. He lives in Israel. Did I mention that Miryam does not speak Hebrew? In any case, Lisa better get in the game marry Mike! (I learned how to say that in French so I can annoy Lisa: “Elle va sur marriee avec Mike”!) Anyway, song for the day, from the Julie Andrews and the Von Trapps (who we should all strive to emulate?). Here's a short clip from "Doe, A Dear".

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