Thursday, June 18, 2009


Marduk, aka my gracious cousin, Mordechai Treiger, emailed me this article from the NYTimes today. You can read it if you want to get an reporter's sense of kind of Izdihaam (overcrowding) there is in Egypt...or you could just read my blog. The Shabaab ("youth") here call groups of people crossing the streets "suicide families" because its literally DEADLY, as I've mentioned before.

Today I learned the worlds for "to crowd", "settlement", "to occupy", "check point", "protest", "to prevent", and "stapler". All very useful.

So to continue the popular Egyptian mood, I leave you with today's popular Egyptian song by Samira Said. We listened to it today in my Amiyya (dialect) class, trying to decipher its lyrics and sing along (no one sang. Our Ustaatha was sad). Its called "Youm Wara Youm". The chorus is quite catchy. Oh, and I haven't seen the video (I would if I could, but the inernet connection is so tenuous its just leisa mumkin [impossible]), so again, please don't hold me accountable for its visual contents.

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