Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Is the word for "vocabulary". Which I am reviewing.

But I'm sick of it. I just learned the word for "to do something artistically", and have come to realize that its absurd to try and learn all of Arabic in two months, especially since I failed to understand roughly 60% of my Modern Standard Arabic class today.

Moving on.
Modes of Transportation:
Today I was in a taxi that was playing a Quran sura about the Oneness of God (I asked). Today I was also in a taxi with a neon, flashing strobe light and fluffy pink and green dangley plush monsters. Today I was in a minibus (a "meshruah" in Alexandrian Arabic) with women and babies and a driver who I honestly thought was trying his hardest to kill every visible pedestrian. Oh and yesteday I was in a (supernice) Honda with one of my friend's language partner at the wheel. I've never felt such a thrill as I did sitting in that car. It was like a real-life version of Today I walked to class. With my feet. As usual. That was satisfying.

In other news, I've begun what I hope to be a foray into the Egyptian mind regarding Israel and American foreign policy. I've now had two "discussions" about it and listened to one long rant from my class. The gist is this: They think Bush was bad, Obama's full of hope, and Jews and Israelis are considered ideologically seperate groups. I have had to lie (ever so slightly), or avoid mentioning the fact that I am a Jew several times now, and so far so good! My language partner, however, figured it out from my name. Usually I introduce myself as Shev, or Shireen (I was thus christened by our Ustaath (prof), Muhammad Said). More than that I won't write here, you'll have to email me or post (which I re-enabled so it should work) so that I know you're interested and I'll provide a bit more detail.

Oh and my apologies for my incorrect usage of the word "verdant". I've been informed that it is, in fact, more accurate to use "verdure" when referring to greenery as a noun. Verdant functions only as an adjective. I could explain this all in Arabic as well as I seem to have a vast vocabulary of grammatical terms which helps me not at all on the shariyya (street)...but I won't.

As for a song I've chosen the first hit on youtube when I searched for "trance". Why, you ask? Because its POPULAR here, I listened to it BLASTING from that language partner of a friend's roller coaster (car) yesterday for 45 minutes, and both you and I need to get used to it. Here it is. I haven't listened to the whole thing, so I can't vouch for its a) quality b) cleanliness c) length. Maybe you shouldn't listen to it either. But its there if you want it.

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  1. Consider this my request for more details....also Hi from montreal!!! also you are missed, by me and possibly others in this fine city. much love, Hannah