Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ahalan WaSahalan Ya Readers!

My life Arabic. I've been speaking a good number of hours every day in Arabic only, and its getting to me. But tonight a bunch of CLSers and I went to a lovely seaside restaurant overlooking a marina. On the way we watched the sunset and through the meal we watched the moon rise. Loverly. I had thought that I would miss the beauty of Seattle in the summer intensely - and I do - but I'm realizing that Alex has her own natural wonders, and that though hers are entirely different, I can appreciate them for their own sake just the same.

It is currently 1am here which means that it is 3pm in Seattle, and 6pm in Philly. So you might all read this while I sleep. Which I hope I do. I say hope because the noise outside -- what I like to call the Song of the City -- keeps me up unless I'm utterly exhausted.

In other news I saw a boy who was dirtier than dirt today, eating something that might have been shawerma, sitting on the sea-side, looking...well, dirty. I know that doesn't sound very remarkable, but it was. Dear child, shall I compare thee to a summer's day...when you decided to go swimming in a mudpit?

Anyway, like I said, what I really want tonight is sleep. We had a long day. Aside from class (8:45-1:15) we met with our "Language Peers" (mine's great, thanks for asking. She in college here in Alex, in the art department studying interior design), and had a lecture in highfalutin' Arabic about the science of Calligraphy, which was interesting, but not enough to keep me (and a few others) from dozing off. Anyway - I'm off to intentionally do that now, and I wish you farewell for now.

I leave you with a song that I love that will hopefully put me (but not you - its probably too early for you to go to bed) to sleep. Its called "Lullaby" and its by Ben Folds Five. All I could find was the live version on YouTube...Goodnight and good luck.

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